On May 17, 2011, the Lake Pelican Preservation Society dedicated the "E.C. 'Skinny' Krull Access" on the
North Shore of Lake Pelican. Dale Miller (LPPS president) gave the welcome, and Jerry Myers, (President,
SDL&SA) contributed comments regarding "Skinny's" tenure on the Board of Directors.
The Krull name is one of historical significance on Lake Pelican. The area known as East Air Haven was
originally owned by the Krull family. They owned a quarter section bordering the Lake from 1917 until they
sold it in the '60's. Skinny lived at the East end of the Lake (from Lake Assessment Project, 1995).
Skinny was a man of many interests. He was known for his marksmanship (his room full of trophies attest to
it). He led youth on Sioux River monitoring trips testing water quality. He led tours in the Southwest US and
Mexico. He was continually active in the Lake Pelican Association and later the Lake Pelican Preservation
Society in his determination to make Lake Pelican the best Lake it could be. In the summer of 2000, he
organized and managed a cleanup of the Stromseth Wetlands. (continued next page).
This photo of Skinny appeared on the front page of the SPLASH memorial issue, Summer, '09. It also was on
the beautiful Dedication Plaque presented at the Dedication Ceremony at the newly named "E.C. Krull Pelican
Lake Access" at the Pelican Recreation Area.

The Dedication Plaque was presented to Geri Bingham (Skinny's daughter) by Courtney Livingston, a director
of LPPS. Jerry Myers, President SDL&SA, and Dale Miller, President of LPPS presented comments during the

Skinny's tenure on SD Lakes and Streams was most of the life of the Association. He was member at large
before becoming a director. During that time, he had ideas regarding conserving lake quality in general and
Lake Pelican in particular. Even after he became an honorary member, our Executive Director, the late Don
Marquardt and I would visit Skinny at his "home" in Castlewood. He had creative ideas and even a plan to
improve Lake Pelican. During our last visit, celebrating his 95th birthday, we had a lengthy discussion on how
we could afford to dredge Lake Pelican. He passed away before he could see his ideas implemented. At a
Chinese Restaurant in Minneapolis recently, a fortune cookie yielded this comment: "A man can fail many
times..but he isn't a failure until he give's up." Skinny could never be considered a failure...because...no
matter the project he dreamed of, or implemented...he never gave up!! All of us could use Skinny as a role
model in any project we undertake. If it is worthwhile doing, don't give up.
Our hats are off to the Lake Pelican Preservation Society for their continued interest in preserving, protecting,
and restoring the Lake, following the high ideals Skinny's leadership entailed. ED
Lake Pelican Preservation Society members and friends at the E.C. "Skinny" Krull Access dedication at the
North side Recreation Area on beautiful Lake Pelican (see map below)
Of the 32 lakes mentioned in SD DENR's Pelican Lake Assessment Project of 1995, Pelican Lake's Parks and
Ramps (with uses for boating, camp0ing, fishing, picnicking, and swimming), only 3 had more of these
facilities on lakes far larger in size!!